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Вчера ковырялся в экзешнике Кингдомс и случайно наткнулся в нем на команды консоли игры с пояснениями. Некоторые команды уже известны, другие я вижу в первый раз и не факт, что они работают, может разрабы их закрыли. Но на всякий случай я сделал выборку и решил опубликовать здесь, вдруг кому пригодится.

Availability: MedievalShell console command listing


Use 'logon <password> to enable with an administrator password.

add_money <opt:faction_type> <amount> : adds an amount of money to a faction's coffers, can be negative, default is player faction

add_population <settlement_name> <amount> : adds an amount of population to a settlement, can be negative

move_character <name> <x>,<y> : moves named character to position on campaign map

auto_win <attacker/defender>: the attacker or defender wins the next autoresolved battle

create_unit <settlement/character_name> <unit_id> <opt:how_many> <opt:exp/armour/weapon>: creates one or more units of the specified type

toggle_fow : toggles the fog of war on or off

banana_republic : all player generals gain an interesting ability

toggle_restrictcam : toggles camera restrictions on or off

save_battle_replay : saves battle replay in file replays/<name>.rpy

give_ancillary <charactername> <ancillary name> : gives the character an ancillary

remove_ancillary <charactername> <opt:ancillary name> : removes ancillary from the character an ancillary (default = all)

give_trait <charactername> <trait name> <opt:level>: gives the character a trait at level (default = level 1)

remove_trait <charactername> <opt:trait name>: removes a specified trait from the character (default = all)

disable_vnvs: toggles whether to disable game applying traits and attributes

process_cq <settlement>: Completes all (possible) construction pending in queue

character_reset : resets the character back to it's start of turn settings

show_cursorstat : shows the cursor position and region id

toggle_terrain <opt:region/tiletype/climate/choke/landing/frontier/features/frontier_defend> : toggles the terrain to display various data sets, no param resets to normal

bestbuy : sells units cheaper

oliphaunt : the biggest around

jericho : and the walls came a-tumblin' down

write_ui_cache: writes out the ui texture cache to disk

give_trait_points <charactername> <trait name> <points>: gives the character points for trait

list_traits : lists all the available traits

list_ancillaries : lists all the available ancillaries

mp <charactername> <amount>: gives the character movement points

list_characters <opt:faction_type> : lists all the characters in the world or those belonging to a faction

show_landings <opt:cursor/region_id> : shows the landing positions available to the ai from a given region, default hides them

filter_coastlines : applies filter to world map coastlines

toggle_coastlines : toggles strategy map coastline display

set_building_health <settlement_name> <building_chain> <final health percent>: sets health of a building of the specified type (eg core_building) in a settlement, so that the final health percentage is as specified; for building chains see export_descr_building.txt

ai_turn_speed <multiplier> : sets the maximum speed of turn processing during the ai round, maximum supported speed is 255x

amdb_min : sets aerial map overlay depth bias for min zoom

amdb_max : sets aerial map overlay depth bias for max zoom

amdb_offset : sets aerial map overlay offset towards camera

zoom : zooms to specified aerial map zoom

set_ranking_interval : sets the denominator of the faction ranking graph interval which is calculated as (number_of_turns / denominator).  If set to 0, then the denominator will be set to number_of_turns, giving an interval of 1

regenerate_radar: Does what it says on the tin

adjust_sea_bed : adjusts whole sea bed to specified height

reload_shaders : reloads all vertex shaders

reload_textures : reloads all textures


toggle_perfect_spy : toggles everyone's spying ability to perfect and infinite range, and off again

reset_display: Forces a display_close(); display_open() display reset cycle

process_rq <settlement>: Completes all (possible) recruitment pending in queue

force_diplomacy <accept/decline/off>: Forces the negotiator to accept or decline a proposition

diplomatic_stance <faction_a> <faction_b> <allied/neutral/war>: Set the diplomatic stance between the two factions

ie <reload>

invulnerable_general <character_name> : makes that named general invulnerable in battle

test_ancillary_localisation ?

burn_piggies_burn  <on/off> : ignite all the piggy winks

test_message <event_message_name | all> : Test the event message specified in descr_event_enums.txt

Test event movie: test_movie <mission_type> <movie_name> <result>

show_terrain_lines <duration> : display defensive terrain features

Set the message collation on or off (sets all factions) message_collation_set Unrecognised command, use "on", or "off"

Toggles the UI on or off as per the show_ui script command Unrecognised command, use "true", or "false"

Show all messages to all factions (on/off) show_all_messages

Clear all the current stacked messages clear_messages


upgrade_settlement <settlement name> : upgrade settlement level

Toggle wireframe rendering toggle_wireframe


toggles display of campaign map flowing water toggle_flowing_water

nw_stats: toggles display of network stats.

toggle_pr: toggles pr mode.

list_units <character/settlement name> : lists all of the units in an army, with details.

victory <faction> <short>: show victory message for faction for short or long campaign.

trigger_advice <thread_name> [<advice_index>] - triggers an advice thread

damage_wall <settlement> <gate> <breach>: Damage wall of settlement.  Forces 40% damage to a random gatehouse and a nearby straight section. Destroys gatehouse if 'gate' parameter present; breaches wall if 'breach' present

test_victory_scroll <faction victor> <short campaign (true/false)>: Opens up the victory scroll declaring that the given faction is the victor. If no faction is declared then the 'timeout' scroll is displayed

date <year> : changes the campaign date to the given year

season <season> : changes the campaign season to the given season

force_battle_victory <opt:capture_percent> : forces the local player's alliance to win the battle, completely destroying the enemy alliance or optionally capturing a percentage of the enemy alliance

force_battle_defeat <opt:capture_percent> : forces the local player's alliance to lose the battle, completely destroying the local alliance or optionally capturing a percentage of the local alliance

output_unit_positions <filename> : output the positions of all units in the battle to the specified file. Format:- alliance_index, army_index, unit_index, formation_origin_x, formation_origin_y, rotation_in_degrees, unit_width_in_metres, unit_width_in_men

zoom_to_unit : zoom the camera to a unit of a specific id

show_battle_marker <x> <y> <t> <h>: display a marker at (x, y) for t seconds of height h

show_battle_line <x1> <y1> <x2> <y2> <t> : display a line from (x1, y1) to (x2, y2) for t seconds

show_battle_circle <x> <y> <r> <t> : display a circle at (x, y) of r radius for t seconds

kill_faction <faction_type> : removes the faction from the game

diplomacy_mission <ai_faction> <target_faction> <mission_type> <opt:mission_target> : creates a diplomacy mission

event <start_year[:end_year]> <category[:type]> [<x,y> <scale>] : creates an event

kill_character <character_name> : kills a character with the given name

control <faction_type> : switches player control to specified faction; old faction may not act correctly as ai faction

create_building <settlement_name> <building_level_id> : creates a building of the specified type in a settlement; for building level id's see export_descr_building.txt

capture_settlement <settlement name> : evicts any resident characters and armies and gives the settlement to the local player

disable_ai [opt: tac | sub | dip | name | priest]: disables all (default) or part of the ai for all factions

halt_ai <opt:factiontypename> : halts the turn sequence just before the start of the specified faction's turn, or the current faction if no faction given

run_ai [opt:x]: re-starts an ai turn sequence after disableai or haltai has been triggered; use x to also re-enable all parts of the ai which have been individually disabled

surrender_regions <opt: horde> <opt:faction_type> : gives all this faction's regions to the slaves. "horde" surrenders regions for all factions that can be hordes

toggle_chat_log : shows  or hides the multiplayer chat window

bounds : toggle display of bounding objects

lights : <merge> <used> <auto>

set_option <opt_name> <opt_value> : Set new value for specified option (use 1 and 0 for boolean options)


capabilities <settlement_name> : list details of the recruitment capabilities of a settlement * unit(%s), initial_size(%f), replen_rate(%f), max_size(%f), exp(%d)

recruitment_pool <settlement_name> : list details of the current recruitment pool of a settlement * unit(%s), available(%f)

diplomacy_costs <receiving_faction> <proposing_faction> <opt:target_faction> <opt:settlement_name> <opt:payment_amount> <opt:payment_years>: displays a list of raw and perceived diplomacy items costs from the perspective of the receiving faction.

reload_sett_mech_db: Reloads the settlement mechanics database.

reload_colour_db: Reloads the UI colour database.

toggle_demeanour: Toggle whether to show the calculated demeanour values in the diplomacy scroll. show demeanour value = true

create_mission <sent_faction> <mission_id> : Attempt to create and add a mission to the specified faction

toggle_HUD_mode: switches between full and minimal HUD during a battle.

print_shortcuts: prints all the keyboard shortcuts for the current handler to documentation/current_handler_shortcuts.txt

logon <password> : enables console with an admin password

logoff: logs out administrator to disable console

clear_password <faction_label> : clears the current password for a specified faction

set_password <faction_label> <password> <password>: sets a new password for a specified faction

set_email <faction_label> <address>: sets a new email address for a specified faction

set_campaign_diff <faction_label> <difficulty>: sets the campaign diffficulty for a specified faction

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Вот хотел попросить камрадов имеющих лицензионную МТВ2 и не играющих в онлайн битвы, выставлять здесь коды от нее, либо просто дать знать, что есть код который может быть передан нуждающемуся........ Просто в онлайн мало кто играет и скоро ЕТВ прийдет, так что коды просто неиспользуются :(

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Люди подскажите как выглядит параметр скорости генерала и как его можно поменять. У мя просто глюк что все генералы покрывают всю карту, а консоль не пашет. И возможности переустановить нет((

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А есть в MTW 2 юниты под читом? Какие войска и какие читы? :help:

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срочно надо!!!как заставить аи принять предложение моего дипломата?или добавить дипломату умение вести переговоры(подходят любые меры даже читы)токо с подробностями-где брать имена дипломатов и способности на английском.

за рание пасиб.

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Как можно взять под контроль АИшную фракцию на пару ходов??

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Кто нибудь может ответить почему "control <faction_type>" не работает в кампании ни основного медивала, ни в Кингдомс?

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Дома проверю, но возможны следующие варианты:


1. Это было отключено в одном из патчей;

2. Название фракции надо писать по-английски, а ты писал по-русски либо сделал ошибку в названии фракции

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1) Вполне(( тож об этом подумал.

2) не такой нуб. все писал правильно.

Патч последний кингдомс 1.5 стоит.

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Нужно написать о нашем сообществе 4-5 предложений. Шлите в ЛС Золду.

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Ждем предложений о том какие ссылки нужны ниже.


Нужно написать о нашем сообществе 4-5 предложений. Шлите в ЛС Золду.


Нужно написать о нашем сообществе 4-5 предложений. Шлите в ЛС Золду.


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