The game Minecraft got skins Stranger Things

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If you are a fan of Minecraft and the sci-fi horror show Stranger Things (American science-fiction horror film "Very strange things"), then you're in luck: both franchise have teamed up to bring the characters into the world of sandbox, where everything is made of blocks in the Minecraft world.

All the main characters of the first season and the recently released second season of this quirky retro-drama depicted in the official skin pack that you will be able to buy two and a half or three bucks on the market Minecraft - but so far it is only available to those who have version games for Windows 10.

The addon contains about fifty skins, including many retro costumes in the style of the eighties and the two bonuses for a showing of monsters, which look especially great: in one version he looks as if he accidentally comes to the corner store and the other with its multi-directional mouth wide open, ready to devour some of the people. You can view them all on the official website of Minecraft, but if I were in your place, I would have waited before purchase this add-on for Minecraft, if you are watching the last season of the series, to avoid spoilers (there's even something you can understand by looking at some of the skins characters, so the best thing is yet to be in the dark).

According to this, the idea to buy addition to Minecraft right now, I personally think is questionable, but I think it is still cheap enough to consider as an option, especially if you are a huge fan of this series. But if you're still using the old version of the game, then there are plenty of free fan-cats Stranger Things, which you can find on by other mods, textures, maps, shaders, clients, etc. minecraft skins for girls and boys.

I have been looking for a card game or fashion of the Stranger Things in Minecraft, and although there is nothing directly similar to a new expansion, there are a couple of mods inspired by the franchises of the genre sci-fi horror, which got decent reviews from gamers.

minecraft skins for girls

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