Storm International is interested in working in Ukraine


Storm International President

Michael Boettcher, Storm International President, said that one of the areas of development of the company could be investing in gambling business of Ukraine as soon as it is legalized. Yet, the authors of the bill should be very careful with the tax rate on income gambling establishments. As at the very beginning of the legalization of the gambling business, so in the future.

In the case of imposing excessive taxes in the country, it may be inappropriate to start the activity, and in the event of an increase in the rate in a few years, the operators of the gambling industry will be forced to keep double bookkeeping or to leave the market.

At the moment, Ukraine is one of the few European countries where the casino is still not legalized. Even the International Monetary Fund insists on legalization. This requirement is motivated by the fact that underground casinos and lotteries have always existed and will exist. At the same time, the state does not receive taxes that are necessary for social needs.

Michael Boettcher, Shangri La network founder, believes that smartly formed laws will benefit all participants of the business process. It is very important to regulate the activities of the casino, from the first day introducing restrictions for players and operators.

The company Storm International operates a network of gambling and entertainment facilities located in Germany, Armenia, Georgia, Belarus and Latvia. In particular, it owns a well-known casino in Georgia "Shangri La Tbilisi" and "Shangri La Minsk" in Belarus.

These casinos are very popular among players, because the latter enjoy themed parties, very attractive winnings, and big prizes. Such a policy is aimed at ensuring that guests of the casino enjoy pleasant and bright impressions, a desire to visit the institution again.